OAO Mission Statement: To serve as a ceremonial space and resource center for the study of global earth-based spirituality by offering a creative multicultural environment for the practice of public ritual, humanities education and community-supported agriculture.

About the group:

Opus Aima Obscuræ (OAO) is an active, nonprofit multicultural Temple in Missoula, Montana. Our group has been operating as a nonprofit organization since 2003. In 2014 we received a 501(c)(3) federal certification as a charitable nonprofit organization (EIN #37-1733169).

The name Opus Aima Obscurae, which is a combination of Latin and Hebrew, translates roughly as “The Work of the Primordial Mother,” which is a reference to the earth-based work and education we provide for our greater community.

Our organization thrives on community involvement through multicultural earth-based ceremonies, global art, workshops, classes, and education in old-world skills. We primarily serve a population that spans the lower and middle-class spectrum. Many individuals in our community have been marginalized socially. We ourselves are a minority group (Pagan/Neopagan), and many people in our organization are ethnic, social, or cultural minorities. We are proponents of peace, equality, civil liberties, and freedom of mind and body. We pride ourselves on sustainable living, genuine communication, progressive lifestyles, and positive group ethics. We value love as the most important thing in life, and we are honored to serve as a social, spiritual, and educational platform for a loving, creative, and thriving community.

OAO recognizes the validity of all spiritual paths, and our primary concern is to influence love, artistry, earth-based living, and a ritual cycle that aims to influence people’s lives for the better. Our primary ceremonial observations are drawn from practices such as Wicca, modern Paganism, Hinduism, African Diaspora traditions, ancient Egyptian practice, and a variety of “folk” spiritual paths that resonate with our community. Our regular educational workshops include activities such as candle-making, gardening, canning, fruit preservation, old-world cooking, animal husbandry, sustainable agriculture, Indian/international cooking, global tea service, children’s events, Mexican sugar skull crafting, Pysanka egg-decorating, beading, weaving, sewing, charm-making, divination, and yoga. In addition to our large public festivals, we also have a Men’s group and Women’s group that gather monthly to celebrate astrological holidays. (Event calendars are available by request, both PDF and printed.)


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