Shop & Services

Spiritual services available by Estha McNevin and Raven Digitalis:

Tarot readings & divination
Private spiritual consultation
Couples’ spiritual counseling
Guided meditation & visualization
Personal Rites of Passage
Handfasting & marriage ceremonies (Please inquire for more information.)
Spellcraft advice (NOT casting) (spells/components can be mailed)
House cleansing & land blessing
Spirit banishing, curse-removal & exorcism
Child blessing & Wiccaning
Chakra and aura cleansing
Shamanic soul retrieval
Death, mourning & releasing rituals
Cooking & baking classes (Estha)
Editorial services (Raven)
Past-life readings (Estha)
Empathic healing (Raven)


Canned goods available, only $5 per jar:

Local organic apricot jam (harvested from Raven’s grandmother’s tree!)
Local organic apricot sauce (harvested from Raven’s grandmother’s tree!)
Saskatoon & Blueberry Jam (wildharvested — saskatoon berries are sarvisberries)
Faery Queen Plum Jelly (harvested from the OAO Orchard — only a couple left!)
Venusian Dulce de Leche (sensual, delectable caramel sauce, crafted by HPS Estha)
Le Soleil’s Resplendent Vanilla Orchid Marmalade (ideal for toast or as a topping)
Devi’s Doodh Pinch Spice Mix (an Indian Vedic blend for creating a savory warm milk)

Chakra Tea Kit!  Seven hand-blended herbal teas by Estha & Raven (includes chakra music CD with guided meditation, chakra information pamphlet, and empty tea bags to blend-to-taste):  $30  (limited)

Henna (Mendhi) in tube: $9
Henna (Mendhi)
powdered (for coloring hair): $9

Imported oils of Henna and Sandalwood: $12

Human Figure Candles (for spellcasting): $5
(please pick the “gender” and color of your candle)

Seven-day Hoodoo Spell Candles: $7
(pick green or white color)
India Stick Incense Packs: $3 or two-for-$5

Dragon’s Blood or Dove’s Blood ink: $4
(please specify)

White Sage bundles: $3 or two-for-$5
Local Beeswax candles: $3 or two-for-$5

Wild-harvested tinctures:  $9
(please specify choice)

– Tulsi tincture (Holy Basil)
– Usnea lichen tincture (old man’s beard)
– Usnea SPORE tincture (old man’s beard)

Bath Salts with Herbs: Blended to your specifications for esoteric intention (or simply based on scent) — Blend includes a variety of herbs, sea salts, and pure essential oils and muslin bags to create “tub teas” — these are all freshly crafted upon purchase:  $10

Loose herbs and incenses: $3 or two-for-$5 — Currently available by the ounce:  Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal (white), Red Sandalwood, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender flower, Spearmint, Cedar, Parsley, Uva-Ursi (Beargrass), Lemongrass, Catnip leaf, Bay leaf, Calendula/Marigold, Mugwort, Mullein, Wormwood, Jasmine buds, Rose buds, Dandelion leaf, Chamomile, Saint John’s Wort, and Red Clover.

To purchase or donate:  Please calculate your total and add $10 for shipping. Please PayPal total (with instructions about your item choices) by clicking the “Donate” button.  If you would *only* like to donate, please specify this with your contribution. (You may also email us with any questions or reach us by mail at the address below.)

We greatly thank you for your donation or purchase: your contribution quite literally helps keeps our temple operating and serving the public. We couldn’t do it without you!  Please also note that ALL donations are tax-deductible, as we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. (EIN # 37-1733169) Namaste and Blessed Be!